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My Story

I became a registered dietitian in 2013 and quickly fell in love with pediatrics. After a few years of working in home health, I began working at the leading children's hospital in Indianapolis. I specialized working in Developmental Pediatrics and Pediatric Gastroenterology, and truly loved every aspect of my job! I worked with a wide variety of populations, mostly children with feeding difficulties, growth & development concerns, tube feedings, severe picky eating & autism, and gastrointestinal diseases.

Shortly after the birth of my son and taking a break from clinical nutrition, I decided to begin Little Ones Nutrition. I wanted to continue to work with families 1:1 to address concerns and issues, but wanted early intervention. A parent's instincts are truly phenomenal, and I want to help address concerns as soon as they arise. Thank you for joining me and trusting me in this journey!

Gentle Education

believe in body positivity and that "healthy" can come in many different shapes and sizes. We'll work together for a positive, gentle approach to help your child.

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Personalized Nutrition Advice

believe in meeting families where they are to make small changes towards a common goal. Each session, we'll work together to find a solution that fits your family because nutrition advice should be customized, not one size fits all.




Infant weaning to table foods

Growth concerns

Food aversions and picky eating 

Theraputic diets

Located in Carmel, IN


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